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Shikha is the Founder and Head Designer for Laughing Cherries. Currently, all the garment and accessory construction are done in her lovely and professional studio where fair labor practices are maintained to a very high standard (on the occasions when assistants are needed). Laughing Cherries is a family-run business in Mumbai, India. Shikha’s mother in-law works side-by-side with her, and her husband assists her in web development, as well as with product photography.

The Laughing Cherries studio has been designed by Shikha – an amazing extension of her love for textiles. Gorgeous fabrics adorn the doors, windows, and cabinet interiors throughout the studio. In the busy city of Mumbai, it is a peaceful, pristine, smoke-free and pet-free oasis.

Laughing Cherries Studio

Furthermore, at Laughing Cherries (on both sides of the globe) we strive to be extremely eco-conscience always mindful of the old adage “Waste Not, Want Not”. A perfect example of this philosophy in practice is Shikha’s new line of recycled products. For many years, she could not part with any of her fabric scraps so she has amassed quite a large collection. Just recently, she had the very original idea to turn them into recycled bags, special event banners, pillows, and even shorts!

Laughing Cherries Studio - fabrics



Laughing Cherries has a second office in the United States, run by Jessica – which is also pristine, smoke-free and pet-free. Jessica’s role is primarily assisting in design development, business management, sales/marketing, and product photography. Coming soon is a line of mixed media/fiber art and a line of jewelry handcrafted by Jessica.

Laughing Cherries is a co-owned business with one partner in America and the other in India, so when you make a purchase from us, you are also supporting a small business owner. We believe this is an example of Open Trade Practices operating at the best with the encouragement of fair global commerce on a human scale, while promoting the growth of small businesses in two different parts of the world.

Jessica of Laughing Cherries

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