Mint Silk Maternity Hospital Gown Delivery Robe

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A lot of customers had been asking me to make robes and kaftans in silk and finally the day has come.
This robe is perfect for both moms and to be moms.
As this is a crossover robe that opens in front so this will also work excellent as a nursing gown.
This will also make a lovely hospital gown. Please note this one doesn't have buttons in the back but I do have other robes with that option in my shop.

As for size, I will need your pre-maternity size
Below is the size guide,
Small........Size 0 - 4..............Size 6 - 8.......
Medium....Size 6 - 8..............Size 10 - 12...
Large........Size 10 - 12.........Size 14 - 16...
X-Large....Size 14 - 16..........Size 18 - 20...
2X-Large..Size 18 - 20..........Size 22 - 24...
3X-Large..Size 22 - 24..........Size 26 - 28...

I will also need your approximate height to make it..So if you are small and 5"2, you should choose the option "Small- 5”-5”3" from "SIZE and HEIGHT" menu when you purchase this item.
It's a knee length cross-over style robe with inner tie and outer belt.
I used a satin silk fabric which is extremely soft. To make this one, I used a Mint floral pattern but I have the same fabric available in many other colors so during checkout just choose the color you want this robe in.
The color swatches is shown in the last pic.
If you want the same one as pictured, just select the "Same as Picture" option in the "colors" variation during checkout.

Please note I don't give belt loops because I feel that restricts the ability of where you would like to tie them. Some people like to tie the belt just under bust and some at their waist. If you would still like me to add them, leave a note for the same.

This listing is just for one robe.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Photo credits to Snap Life Photography by Megan Bowen


Although imitation is the best form of flattery, this artist has been very aggravated by outright copy cat shops.

To make one original design, I put countless hours working on it..doing so many iterations..and then finally come up with something I feel would be best for my customers. And then just one fine day you discover someone completely copying your design. Recently a lot of copycat shops have come up which have copied my designs, my business model and made mockery of idea of originality. Unfortunately however, as it so often happens when "market" is the only decider, they seem to have succeeded in this embezzlement.

Everyone is an artist in some way, so I am sure everyone can empathize with misery I feel when I see others thriving on my original ideas. Please support the original artist.

Mint Silk Maternity Hospital Gown Delivery Robe