Laughing Cherries specializes in Wedding and Special Event accessories. An additional collection of vintage clothing is also in development so keep checking back. Laughing Cherries is a very small self-sustaining business. It is co-owned by two women, Shikha (proprietor in India) and Jessica Richmond (proprietor in America). Its origins began with Shikha who opened her first store on Etsy over four years ago.

Jessica has been a great admirer of Shikha’s design style. While it has always been very important to Shikha to remain authentic to her cultural roots as a designer, through a series of conversations, she came to find Jessica’s suggestions very useful. The influence of an American point of view  has been very helpful in updating her designs for a U.S. Bridal/Special Events market. Likewise, Jessica was excited about Shikha’s development as a designer and wanted to see her work reach a much wider audience . So when given the chance to assist Shikha in expanding her business, she welcomed the opportunity.

Ultimately, their business partnership has developed through their mutual enthusiasm and affinities for working with one another which has resulted in the creation of our new store Laughing Cherries. They have faced several challenges with trying to be co-workers from different countries on completely opposite time schedules. However, thanks to modern technology they have developed a system for smooth flowing communication which translates into excellent customer service for their clients.

Their style is best defined as Vintage Bohemian Chic for now but it is ever evolving as their Eastern and Western styles merge to impact the design process. In fact, their style is heading in such a new direction that even they are not sure of the destination. However, they are certain that it will always result in amazing custom tailored designs for their valued customers.