Green Geometric Motif Hand Block Organic Cotton Maternity Robe

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Kimonos and Caftans are our specialty and were one of the original products to launch our business. We offer several different styles and lengths and we tailor them to your height. Shikha has been making them for years and, as with all of our items, you will not find better craftsmanship. They are designed to be one size fits most and are very flattering on all body types.

We did this one with Organic cotton. And for the printing as well, we have used completely natural traditional hand block printing process using herbal dyes. There is a lot of misconception that everything which is hand-block is done with vegetable dyes which are free of chemicals which is totally untrue. There are only a very limited number of colors which can come up with using ONLY different combination of herbs and you need to be very vigilant as well as well informed of various herbs and what colors can come up using different combinations only then you can be sure that it is 100% natural.

Shikha has spent days studying the whole process and had been involved in each and every stage to get you the best product.

This one is our maternity robe created with ample fabric for your growing belly. Since it is a crossover style which opens in front so it is great for nursing too.

-Material is 100% certified Organic cotton that is luxuriously soft. It holds up well to use and gets even softer with each wash.

-We will only need your approximate size to make this as it is quite generous.

-This one is a knee length robe. But we can also do it in ankle length. You will be asked for your height once you have selected this item so that it can be tailored especially to your measurements. 

-This item is made by Shikha in her professional design studio located in Mumbai.

-Delivery time: One to Two weeks.

Green Geometric Motif Hand Block Organic Cotton Maternity Robe