Magenta Silk Front Buttoned Hospital Gown

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A lot of customers had been asking me to make robes and kaftans in silk and finally the day has come.
This kaftan is perfect as your hospital gown and also for nursing. So if you are only looking for only nursing gown this is perfect as this one doesn't have buttons in the back.
I have given buttons only in the front down to the waist for easy nursing.
Please note this one doesn't have buttons in the back.
If you also want buttons in the back for easy access for epidural anesthesia, it will be $6 extra and you can purchase my "add buttons in the back" listing along with this listing:

This front buttoned pattern is quite popular be it among pregnant ladies or among nursing mothers as well.

The fact that there are buttons on the front makes the already super comfortable kaftans even more so making it a perfect gift for Moms and to be Moms. You can wear it while you are pregnant or after the baby comes.

And of course the buttons in the front also make it an even more comfortable for regular folks as well.

I made this particular Kaftan from a beautiful Magenta floral satin silk fabric which is extremely soft
I have the same fabric available in many other colors so during checkout just choose the color you want this robe in. The color swatches are shown in the last two pics.
If you want the same one as pictured, just select the "Same as Picture" option in the "colors" variation during checkout.

It is so free flowing, that it will make you feel as if you aren't wearing anything at all ;)
The beauty of the Kaftans is they will fit everyone so no need to worry about the size et all. All my Kaftans have deep necks(11-12 inches) so will fit all head sizes.
It is 53 inches long and 38 inches wide(76 circumference) so as long as your bust size is 65 inches and low this will fit you.

It has a drawstring waist.
It has slits at both hems to allow more leg freedom as needed.
Please note there might be slight color variation due to lighting and all.
Photo credits to Snap Life Photography by Megan Bowen

Delivery time: 4-5 working days from the date of shipping.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Magenta Silk Front Buttoned Hospital Gown