Mint Eyelet Maternity Maxi Dress

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As my store is focused on maternity wear, everyday I keep thinking of new designs which will accommodate your growing belly :)
I am very very very excited to launch this dress which is a part of my latest "Stylish Maternity Wear" collection.
As I always say, adding gathers to any clothing makes it perfect for a maternity wear as it gives all the fullness needed for a pattern but most importantly it maintains its shape even after may seem something very simple but yes I would say "gathers" are the magic mantra for maternity clothing..
So here I present my floral maternity maxi dress and I have given gathers just under the bust which opens up and gives your growing belly all the space it needs :) Also it makes it maternity flattering and will make you look and feel fashionable.
You would be able to wear it comfortably even after maternity..isn't that great!!!
I made this one from a beautiful Mint Eyelet 100% cotton. Eyelet fabric is a unique embroidered cotton fabric.
There are many varieties of eyelet available, but all have one thing in common - an embroidered pattern which includes small holes edged in buttonhole stitch. The holes are part of a pattern of stitches that may include flowers, geometric shapes and abstract elements.
I have the same fabric available in many other colors so during checkout just choose the color you want this robe in. The color swatches are shown in the last picture.
If you want the same one as pictured, just select the "Same as Picture" option in the "colors" variation during checkout.

Please note there might be slight color variation due to lighting and all.

Delivery time: 4-5 working days from the date of shipping.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Although imitation is the best form of flattery, this artist has been very aggravated by outright copy cat shops.

To make one original design, I put countless hours working on it..doing so many iterations..and then finally come up with something I feel would be best for my customers. And then just one fine day you discover someone completely copying your design. Recently a lot of copycat shops have come up which have copied my designs, my business model and made mockery of idea of originality. Unfortunately however, as it so often happens when "market" is the only decider, they seem to have succeeded in this embezzlement.
Everyone is an artist in some way, so I am sure everyone can empathize with misery I feel when I see others thriving on my original ideas. Please support the original artist.

Mint Eyelet Maternity Maxi Dress