Mommy Daddy Hearts Announcement banner

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As I make tons of robes and kaftans everyday so I have tons of fabric scraps with me and it breaks my heart to just throw them away..so I came upon this idea of making banners from them. I hope you like them :)
I really wanted to come up with something unique..I have backed them with canvas and filled with foam batting with embroidery at the edges around each letter so that the thread doesn't come out and it gives it a high quality polished look.
It can be made in any color with custom words embroidered onto them.

This particular banner is about "Two hearts that made the baby". It is a great way to remind yourselves about the new life in your life and announce it to your visitors as well .. just place it anywhere in your home or workplace!
There are endless possibilities: number of months, baby name, it's a boy/girl, beloved, waiting 4 U, etc. Work with us and use your imagination to come up with a one of a kind piece!
I have used White fabric with Green embroidery to make this particular banner.

*Custom orders for other special events and shop designs are available upon request. There are so many options that the sky is the limit. Please contact us for further information.*

Mommy Daddy Hearts Announcement banner