Purple Bridesmaids Robes

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Kimono Robes are our specialty. For our bridal customers, these robes are very practical. They make an excellent, long lasting gift for your bridesmaids and can also double up as a beautiful enhancement for your getting ready bridal photos.
We offer many dozens of fabric choices and a variety of lengths to choose from. We not only tailor them to your size but also to your height. This is particularly important to those who are purchasing sets as this will ensure that each robe drapes to the same spot on each person to provide beautiful consistency for the photos. (please see our Real Life Bridesmaids Photos gallery).

Of course these robes are not just for bridal specific occasions. They are perfect for anyone who is looking for a stylish house, spa, lounge, or beach robe.

Purchasing Instructions:

Please purchase each robe individually, ie if you want to buy 3 robes for bridesmaids and 1 for bride, add to cart 4 times, each time specifying the color and sizes. In this example, please do not buy “quantity 4” in one go.

Color Guide
OPTION #1 Same color scheme as the picture above:
To buy same color scheme as in the picture, purchase this listing with color options "Purple" for bridesmaids and "White" for bride.
OPTION #2 Other color schemes in the same fabric print:
For example, for a teal themed wedding where you want bridesmaids to be in teal and bride to be in white, purchase the robes intended for bridesmaids choosing color “Teal” and that for bride in “White”.
OPTION #3 Mix and match colors in same fabric print as the picture:
You can mix-match all you want from among the range of color options in this print by choosing your required "Color" each time you add to cart.
OPTION #4 Other fabric prints:
We have a host of other fabric prints to choose from, please see our FABRIC CATALOG for additional fabric choices as well as our Customization Services section for ordering instructions.

Fit and sizing
Please select your country in the drop-down, followed by your size and specify the length preference.

All robes are made of cotton. I have very strict standards about the quality of cotton that I source, so you don't have to worry about it :) This is very soft fabric which keeps getting softer and more "breathy" with every wash.

Do note that the listed price is for one robe.

Purple Bridesmaids Robes