Since the onset of quarantine we’ve noticed a huge shift in the buying behaviour of many women dressed by us. Women want to look sharp, put-together and yet feel comfortable and flaunt an effortless look. Kaftans are just the right outfit to satisfy that urge. Not everyone is a sweatpants girl and even if they were there is still something truly alluring about wearing a house dress - albeit one that’s roomy, flowy, and unstructured. 

We’ve been designing caftans for the past 7 years and have created over 30 different styles surprising everyone with the versatile look that kaftans can impart on the wearer. Maintaining the comfort, we kept infusing style in the breeziness of this house dress making it the go-to outfit for everything from a quick nap and house-hold chores to running errands and taking work calls. 

In fact we have a few customers write in to say that in current times wearing our house dress caftans completely changed their outlook towards their days at home and brought in  a sense of style to their routine. And of course.. not having to decide what bottoms to pair with what shirt or how much of the casually dressed bottom is visible on a zoom call is a big bonus.

This flowy, billowy, ultra-soft silhouette is a great pick-me-up on dull days. A single look that takes you stylishly through the humdrum of everyday life and makes the woman wearing it look effortlessly chic. 

Here are a few styles from our House Dress Caftans Collection that you’ll want to sport in these comfort-seeking times

Adorned with white smiling blooms, this ethereal beauty comes with buttons in the front, has an empire waist style with a drawstring and beautiful butterfly sleeves on the sides. This caftan works like a charm on all body types be it small framed or plus-sized.
A comfortable, unstructured housedress for those days when your calendar seems to be playing tricks on you. Enjoy the ride!
This caftan is from our new collection called ‘I Wanna Fly’ because honestly who doesn’t want to right now? The black and white Aztec pattern on this comfy kaftan does what kaftans do the best - strike a perfect balance of comfort, structure and style.
Here’s another gem from the ‘I Wanna Fly’ Collection. This forest-inspired housedress comes with an empire waist and flowy butterfly sleeves.
A kaftan that also found its way into the New York Magazine features amongst the best house dresses this year, this number is truly versatile and embraces all body types perfectly. You can fetch this loungewear and double it up as a beach cover-up.
A lovely housedress that comes bordered with floral patterns. The empire waist, V-neckline, and butterfly sleeves embrace any body shape gracefully.

 Which one of these is your favourite? Tell us in the comments below!


  • Aug 21, 2020
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