Why are Caftans the Best Work from Home Outfits so far?

If this was 2019 and someone spoke about the best work-from-home fashion styles, we’d literally cancel them. But here we are multiple months down in isolation realizing that the long-standing dream of wearing pajamas while at work is not the best idea after all. While wearing sweats and pajamas has been a lot of fun for the first couple weeks in isolation, we’ve all come to realize that they ease you in a bit too much and lack a powerful-personality-element to their look. 

If we were to give a helpful piece of advice to any working woman right now it would be to get dressed first thing in the morning. It just sets the tone for your day. And by dressing for work, we don’t mean wearing a full face of makeup or sporting a full-on boardroom attire. But we strongly recommend ditching the lazy tracksuit for a smarter work look. Let’s explore the magic of the best work-from-home attire of 2020 - the Caftan

In our 7 years of creating several styles of Kaftans this year has been particularly extraordinary as we are constantly seeing an outpour of appreciation and love coming our way from our working customers. The roominess, the extra coverage, the solid prints and patterns, and the ultra-soft fabric are the top 5 things our customers rave about in our Kaftans. It’s good to know that trading the humble sweatpants for one of our colorful Kaftans has made women feel confident and put together without sacrificing any degree of comfort. 

There’s also something charming and powerful about slipping into an easy-breezy Caftan that is created with the softest fabric and boasts of beautiful ethereal prints. You can work, cook, nap, or lounge around in these and yet look like a goddess doing all of those things. 

Our extensive collection aids different working women in different ways - the ‘indecisive’ don’t have to waste extra time deciding on what shirt or top to pair with what bottom, the ‘business on top and party on the bottom’ segment doesn’t have to worry about how much of the casual bottom is visible on a video call and the ‘fashionistas’ don’t have to to worry about how our Caftans would look on camera; they always leave a strong impression. 

Getting dressed for working at home is important to experience a positive mind-shift every morning. There are many things that are currently out of our control but the way we conduct ourselves and dress up is not. Developing a simple dressing up routine like this makes us feel we are still in control of the things around us and also sets a sense of normalcy in these not-so-normal times. Our only goal as a brand in this isolation period is to ensure we make that dressing up process effortless and something women look forward to every morning. 

You can trust us when we say that these Caftans are the best work-from-home attire you've been searching for all along. 

  • Dec 03, 2020
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